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A wide-angle shot of Nautilus's cabintop, with another sailing vessel visible in the distance and an island barely visible on the horizon.


A small, family-owned business focused on enjoying the beauty and history of Casco Bay.

Nautilus is owner-operated by co-owners, partners, and Maine natives Captain Sam and first mate Crow. With a combined 17 years sailing on the Maine coast, we're committed to providing you with a safe and fun experience of our home port!

If you have any questions about sailing and how to learn more, we would love to introduce you to our passion and career.

Our Team

Sailing Vessel Nautilus: Older Style, Newer Parts

Nautilus is a 1978 ketch, and though her hull is from that time, she's had a bit of work done in the last few years as she enters her mid forties. Her masts and booms were handcrafted in 2021 out of local-grown Norwegian spruce by local ship builder, Master ABYC surveyor, and beloved friend Nick Patey. With new standing rigging and engine installed at the same time, she's now provided with all the safety and amenities of modern technology while still capturing the je-ne-sais-quois of older sailing vessels.

Sam and Crow personally maintain the Nautilus's mechanical parts and all beautification; for example, we sand and apply all paints and varnishes by hand each year. As a result we know her inside and out.

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